Should I study Masters in Germany?

NO! It is not worth to study Masters in Germany. Living in Germany is a pain. Germany is a country full of people with anti-immigrant sentiments. The free education is a trap. You might spend more than three years toiling to finish your studies. When you get out of university you’ll realize finding a job is harder than the university. You’ll pay high taxes and be denied of social security Germans are so proud of.

This is what some people would tell you and now I have your attention.

So let me break it down to you how it is like studying in Germany, and should you move to Germany and study masters in Germany.

Germany is not the USA

German culture is very different from that of the USA. While in the USA you hustle, risk, and climb up as fast as you can. German culture tends to push for more relaxed, caution and laid back approach towards life.

It is very evident from the fact that, most people who study masters in Germany tend to take longer to graduate than stipulated time for the degree. While it is opposite in the USA. The three of many reasons for that are:

  1. The financial strain on students is not too much. Since education and living in Germany is cheap and affordable.
  2. Many exams are not easy to pass. You will find students taking three attempts to clear an exam. While others simply deciding to not take the exam.
  3. Because they can. German universities are quite relaxed with students taking longer than stipulated time of the study. Thus, many students decide to do part-time jobs or just take a semester off and decide to do an internship.

This does not mean that you’ll grow grey hairs by the time you finish your masters in Germany. I have friends who completed their studies in three semesters. It is just that, do not decide to study in Germany, expecting the experience to be like that of the USA. Because Germany is not the USA.

Job Opportunities

I get a lot of question regarding this topic. The talk among people not living in Germany (yet) is that Germany is short on skilled labor. While those living here already know the true side of this marketing campaign. I have seen so many people, who have come to study in Masters Germany under the impression that they would be handed a job along with their graduation certificate. Well. Because Germany is short on skilled labor.

What these people miss is the tonality of the Germans. When Germans say, ‘skilled labor’, the rest of the world should interpret it as ‘highly skilled labor’. When they say, ‘highly skilled’ they mean ‘experts’. So know this, you need to be ‘highly skilled’. The quality that does not fruition from just having a Masters Degree in STEM with good grades, but from work experience and curiosity.

So how do you get work experience without a degree? Glad you asked. Refer to point 3 in Germany is not the USA section above. If you would like to know more about part-time jobs in Germany check out our blog, part-time jobs in Germany for International Students.

Also, Masters in Germany – Do Students find a Job in Germany after graduation?

Student life in Germany

Alright, now that you are clear about the above two points and still willing to study in Germany. There is just one last hurdle.

If you have watched some bolly/holly-wood movie, I am sorry to disappoint you. Many people believe they would come to Germany to study and will have time of their life. When I say that, I mean, have breakfast in Luxembourg, lunch in Brussels and dinner in Amsterdam. Repeat this every month.

Let me tell you, not gonna happen. You’ll be wrapped up in the assignments during the semester. Not saying that you will have to bury your head in sand and slog through. You’ll be able to travel and make time to have fun. But, it won’t be picture perfect as shown in the movies or portrayed on social media. You are a student, you are on a budget. Remember that.

For those who wish to have a more specific insight on student life in Germany can read our blog post What is it like studying at University in Germany?


Should you study Masters in Germany? The answer is yes. However, remember it’s not a smooth sail through the valley of flowers. That is not how life is supposed to be. The challenges are aplenty and so are the opportunities.

We have made a list of FAQs about Studying in Germany for those who are interested.

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